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The Real World Interactivity Engine

Tarnio is the easy to use show control system for interactive events, immersive experiences, and high tech installations.

Connect any input to any output - anywhere

Integrate traditional lighting, sound, and video systems - with mobile apps, XR headsets, motion sensors, trackers, and more!

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Interactivity at its core

Orchestrate complex audience interactions

Tarnio Creator lets you edit complex interactions using an intuitive graph-based interface.

Complex Graph

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Craft intelligent, interactive experiences with our visual editor designed for storytellers and creative technologists

Intuitive Visual Editing

Tarnio Creator replaces manual complexities with an intuitive, visual approach. Design experiences with clarity, simplifying the process of connecting separate systems, resulting in streamlined and efficient experience creation.

Feature 01

Matches Your Story Structure

Tarnio Scenes closely align with the structure of your stories.

Feature 02

Efficiency and Speed

Simplify creation, editing, and iteration for faster results.

Feature 03

Discover Tarnio's Powerful Features

Experience the next evolution in interactive storytelling with Tarnio's innovative features. From seamless hardware integration to immersive multiplayer experiences, Tarnio empowers you to captivate audiences like never before.

Connect, Synchronise, and Experience Together

Cross-Device Storytelling

Craft compelling narratives by linking diverse devices.

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Multi-Dimensional Engagement

Elevate storytelling by synchronising visuals, audio, and inputs.

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Dynamic Interactive Environments

Create dynamic environments influenced by audience participation.

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Interact Via Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Empowerment

Empower audience interaction through their own mobile devices.

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Cost-Efficient Engagement

Eliminate the need for expensive additional equipment.

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Create World-Scale Experiences

Global Reach

Extend your narrative's reach to a global audience.

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Outdoor Interactivity

Transform traditional storytelling into immersive world-scale journeys.

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Multiplayer Experiences

Unified Multiplayer Experiences

Forge shared experiences through multiplayer interactions.

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Individualised Participation

Retain individual perspectives in a collective multiplayer experience.

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Existing Hardware Integration

Run locally or remotely

Run 'Tarnio Engine' locally on your hardware or remotely, in the cloud.

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Utilise Existing Hardware

Effortlessly integrate Tarnio Clients with your current hardware and infrastructure.

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Elevated Compatibility and Creative Freedom

Expand creative possibilities by integrating with your ecosystem.

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Powerful Plugin System

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

Amplify client communication with external devices through plugins.

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Integrate with online services

Connect with real-time data feeds and online services for immersive experiences.

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Unleashing Cutting-Edge Technologies

Use plugins to leverage advanced technologies to elevate your interactive narratives.

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Growing Protocol Support

Communicate with a wide array of external devices and protocols.

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Get Started with Tarnio

Be part of the Tarnio revolution! Join us as a beta tester or collaborator and shape the future of interactive experiences.